Hi there !!!

Naman Bhalla

I am Naman Bhalla, Computer Science and Engineering Undergrad at BML Munjal University. I have been coding since I was in my 8th standard (was 14 back then). I started programming as it looked fun to me, and learnt many things even without having any formal education in the field. This interest made me pursue CS in my Undergrads. I am also very fond of Maths and Physics, so if you too like them, we can chat for hours on interesting stuff.

My Skill Set includes Python, C, Data Structures, Algorithms and am presently working on various other skills to add to this set and also enrich my knowledge.

I have a great fond for MOOCs and have enrolled and successfully completed many, especially on Coursera. Machine Learning is what has garnered my fantasy now and I am pursuing MOOCs on Udacity and Stanford Engineering by Andrew Ng.

Apart from programming, which now is obviously not just my hobby, I have a great interest in Cricket, Table Tennis, Debates and Management Discussions. I have always been interested in building things of my own and thus have an entrepreneurial instinct. So, if you have some product idea, we can definitely discuss it over a cup of tea. I have a great interest in conversing with people on various topics, especially when I have more to learn and am thus a good learner. I always have had a great interest in sharing whatever I learn, the main reason why I created this blog.

For more info, you can Follow Me by clicking one of those buttons at left or can Contact Me either from here or by directly mailing at contact@namanbhalla.in . I would be very happy to discuss anything.

Welcome to my Blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share feedback via the mail or comments !!